How to Clean a Cloth Top on a Lincoln Town Car

by Jayme Lee
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A cloth top on a Lincoln Town Car is generally made from canvas material, a protective barrier against weather conditions and outside debris. Unfortunately, bird feces, tree sap, dirt and other debris can accumulate on a cloth top. If sap and bird feces are not removed quickly, the material can get damaged or stained. By utilizing the correct method, anyone can clean the cloth top on a Lincoln Town Car.

Step 1

Park the Lincoln Town Car in a shady area to avoid direct sunlight from quickly drying soap on the cloth top. Consider washing the cloth top in the late evening, when sunlight is not as strong.

Step 2

Attach the garden hose to an outdoor water spicket. Place the hose end onto the water spigot nozzle and turn the hose end ring counterclockwise until the ring is firmly attached. Attach the spray nozzle to the other end of the hose by twisting the nozzle clockwise.

Step 3

Read the cloth top shampoo directions thoroughly.

Step 4

Turn on the water spigot and rinse off the entire cloth top of the Lincoln Town Car.

Step 5

Apply the cloth top shampoo per the package instructions.

Step 6

Gently take the soft-bristled brush and scrub the entire top. Allow the soapy solution to sit as many as 10 minutes. Continue scrubbing the entire surface for a few additional minutes to loosen all debris.

Step 7

Thoroughly rinse the entire soft top of the Lincoln Town Car until all foam is completely gone.

Step 8

Gently blot the entire soft top with microfiber towels to remove excess water.

Read the directions carefully on the soft coat protectant. Pay special attention to any warnings before using the product. Apply the protectant per the package directions. Consider using the protectant after every wash to increase the product longevity of the cloth top and to help protect the coloring from sun and debris damage.


  • Avoid using other types of towels or drying mittens on the soft top. Wool and other types of materials will leave lint.


  • Do not use a pressure washer, which will damage the soft top on the Lincoln Town car.
  • Avoid using other types of cleaners not specifically designed for a soft top on cars. Other commercial cleaners may permanently damage the canvas.

Items you will need

  • Garden hose and nozzle
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Several microfiber towels
  • Soft top shampoo and protectant

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