How to Decorate a Golf Cart

by Maeri Claire
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Decorating your golf cart is a great way to celebrate the holidays or a special event. In places where golf carts are the second mode of transportation, you may find that golf cart decorating is already a celebrated tradition. Golf carts are even decorated and used in parades as floats in lieu of cars.

Step 1

Clean everything out of the golf cart, including shoes, clubs and bags. Wash the cart if needed.

Step 2

Pick a theme for your golf cart decorating venture. If you are decorating for a holiday, the theme is obvious, whether it be Easter, Independence Day, Halloween or Christmas.

Step 3

Write down all of the items that come to mind when you think of your theme. If the theme is oceanic, include fish, dolphins and sand on your list, for example. For holiday themes, include such items as eggs, baskets, clovers, stockings, presents, fireworks or whatever is appropriate. Brainstorming will help you determine all of the resources you need.

Step 4

Wrap the poles of the golf cart with a theme-based item. For example, use garland or wrapping paper for Christmas, yellow and purple streamers for Mardi Gras or green construction paper for Saint Patrick's Day. Use tape that will not damage the surface of the cart.

Step 5

Cover the top of the golf cart with another item representing your theme. These items could include garland, tinsel, grass for Easter baskets, streamers, or balloons and white stuffing for a cloud effect.

Step 6

Line the golf cart seat with a decorative cloth that fits the theme. Pull out the seat, cover it with the cloth and set the seat back into place. Tuck the cloth into any crevices wherever possible to hold it in place.

Step 7

Hang items from the top of the cart and along the poles. Easter eggs, birthday balloons, candy canes and shamrocks are good items for hanging.

Step 8

Purchase battery-operated lights from a local home supply store and string them on your golf cart for extra pizzazz.

Step 9

Add decorations to the front of the golf cart and steering wheel. Ensure the decorations do not prevent you from driving safely. Keep items away from the wheels.

Step 10

Test drive the vehicle to ensure that the decorations will not fall off. Start at a slow speed and then gradually increase. Turn a few corners to make sure everything stays put. Adjust decorations where needed.

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