How to Keep Birds Off My Car

by Desi Crall

Birds are often attracted to the shiny finish of vehicles and they will happily use a car as a resting place. Unfortunately, birds can quickly become pests because they leave behind droppings, which can quickly damage the paint on a car if it is not washed off thoroughly. Keeping birds off of a car is often a trial and error process, in which some methods will work better than others. Most methods to keep birds off of a car require very little investment and effort.


Place brightly colored fake rubber snakes on the vehicle in order to scare away birds. Snakes are a natural enemy of birds. Be sure to remove the fake snakes before driving.


Hang CDs in the carport or general parking area. Birds are afraid of the shiny reflection from CDs and they will avoid the car if it is parked underneath the CDs. Simply thread CDs through some fishing line or a thin rope, and secure the CDs with knots. Hang the line across the parking area. For best results hang multiple lines of CDs above the car.


Cover the vehicle with a car cover. The birds are less likely to be attracted to this cover, and they will land elsewhere.


Install a visual bird deterrent which will frighten birds and prevent them from landing on a vehicle. Deterrents include replicas of owls, coyotes or fox. These can be purchased from some online and mass retailers, as well as from certain catalog companies.

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