How to Build Your Own Custom Car Interior

by Joanne Cichetti

It's important to make your car's interior look just as cool as the exterior. Usually, people tend to spend a lot of money taking care of the auto's exterior and the interior tends to get neglected. The interior should fit your style and personality. Given that there are many options these days, you can personalize each item from seats to dash and steering wheel cover.

Step 1

Go to a store that sells car interior accessories and parts. You can find a number of stores online where you can order from a catalog and get the item delivered at home, for instance, Automotive Interiors, Street Beat Customs and Your Hot Car.

Step 2

Select your car make, model and year from the list on these websites to see the available items for your particular model.

Step 3

Pick out the basic items for the car interior, such as seat covers, auto carpets, cargo liners (for hatchbacks usually), floor mats, window visors, window graphics, dashboard covers and headliner boards. Many online stores let you order custom-fit floor mats and custom design seat covers. You can also get an interior enhancement kit for your car to make the interior look finer with exotic wood or sport finish. You will also find a variety of designs, colors and textures for steering wheel cover. You can select one in leather, furry fabric or any material that doesn't get hot and sticky due to weather variations.

Step 4

Hang a memento like graduation tassel or your prom garter. In many areas, it's not permitted by law to hang anything from the rear view mirror so you can hang it by the air conditioner knob or the radio.

Step 5

Put up some interesting stickers on the dash. You will find a variety of stick-on-the-dash figures available at any stationary store. Also, you can put up your favorite postcard or photos using pushpins on the car's headliner. This will look even better if the vehicle is old and the headliner is falling down.

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