How to Modify a Car Dashboard

by Todd Bowerman
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In many ways, your car’s interior is more important than its exterior. While the exterior is what other people notice, you spend most of your time looking at the inside of your car. Modifying the dashboard is a great way to personalize your vehicle. Dashboard modifications can help you monitor your car’s performance, improve the way in which you interact with your media system, and add some stylish accents to the overall look of the car.

Step 1

Add a pop-up or permanent touch screen. One of the first modifications most car owners make to their vehicles is an enhanced stereo system, so why not add an enhanced way to control it. Touch screens range in price from moderate to very expensive and can be used to control the vehicle’s media system or as screens for movies and video games.

Step 2

Install advanced gauges. For instance, a tachometer, economy gauge, and oil pressure gauge can give your car’s interior a unique look as well as provide you with useful information about the performance of your vehicle. Only install gauges you need; too much clutter can ruin the aesthetics of a dash.

Step 3

Change the factory material of your dashboard to something more appealing. Swapping out bland dash covering for plastic in the same color as your car’s exterior is a great way to make your interior part of your whole vehicle theme. You can also invest in advanced materials like carbon fiber if you are looking to create a sport or race look.

Step 4

Consider the message your vehicle sends when considering dashboard modifications. If you have a small, sporty car, the dash should reflect this and not look like the interior to an old station wagon. If your car is a classic car or hot rod, advanced dials would look out of place on the dash. Think of the dash as a natural extension to your car’s personality and make modifications accordingly.

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