How to Stop the Dashboard in the Car From Cracking

by Nick Davis
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The sun's ultraviolet rays are brutal to your car's exterior, as well as its interior -- including the carpeting, seats and even the dashboard. Over time, sunlight causes the dashboard to chip and crack due to heat, which will dry out the vinyl, leather or other material. Heat also causes plastic components on the dash to fade and deteriorate. However, there are steps you can take to protect your car's dashboard from cracking without taking your car to a service center.

Step 1

Mix in a bucket 1 tbsp. of car wash and 1/2 gallon of warm water. Stir the mixture with a soft, lint-free cloth or rag.

Step 2

Wring out excess and wipe your dashboard thoroughly with the wet cloth or rag to remove any dust and dirt. Dry the dashboard with a clean, lint-free cloth or rag.

Step 3

Apply 2 tbsp. of a vinyl and leather protectant to a clean, lint-free cloth or rag. Wipe your dashboard with the protectant-soaked cloth or rag.

Step 4

Fold the cloth or rag -- that you used to dry your dashboard with -- in half and wipe off any excess protectant from your dashboard.

Step 5

Purchase a dashboard cover that is specifically designed for your car's make and model. The cover will come with strips of Velcro. Peel off the protective coverings on the back of the Velcro strips, then place the strips evenly around the edges of your dashboard.

Step 6

Place the cover on your dashboard and press it down on the Velcro strips. The dashboard cover contains cutouts for your car's air conditioning/heating vents -- the cover will fit perfectly around these vents.

Step 7

Leave the cover in place to protect your dashboard and stop the dashboard from developing cracks or cracking any further.

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