How to Remove a Pontiac Steering Wheel

by Justin Obrien

In a car accident your Pontiac's steering wheel can may get damaged. If this happens, you will then need to remove the steering wheel and install a new one. You may also want to remove your Pontiac steering wheel to install a new custom racing steering wheel. Removing a Pontiac steering wheel isn't difficult as long as you follow these steps and have the proper tools.

Removing a Pontiac Steering Wheel

Step 1

Read your Pontiac car owners manual and focus on the steering wheel section. The manual will show you the location of the steering wheel cover screws and the retaining clip and nut.

Step 2

Turn on your car. Turn the steering wheel so the front tires are pointing directly forward. Turn off your car.

Step 3

Pop the hood on your car and disconnect the black and red battery cables from the battery with pliers. By disconnecting the battery you will prevent the airbag and horn from malfunctioning or blowing.

Step 4

Take the center cover off of your steering wheel. There should be four to six screws on the back side of the steering wheel. Unscrew these, then pry the cover off with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 5

Remove the retaining clip on the center of your steering wheel with pliers. Place the correct size socket on the retaining nut, and loosen the nut, unscrewing it one turn.

Step 6

Lie back in the seat and prop your knees under the bottom/sides of the steering wheel. Apply pressure on the back side of the steering wheel with your knees by pushing on your toes.

Step 7

Place the rubber mallet over the retaining nut with your left hand. Apply pressure with your knees. With your right hand, bang on top of the rubber mallet until the steering wheel pops loose.

Step 8

Unscrew the retaining nut completely and remove the steering wheel.

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