How to Disable ABS Brakes

by Ashton Daigle

Many vehicles have ABS, or anti-lock brake systems, on their cars or trucks. The sensors are designed to monitor wheel speed and to regulate your brakes so that they do not lock up under certain driving conditions. Most ABS systems typically have individual sensors mounted on or near each wheel. However, they are all controlled by a central relay that is located in the main relay panel inside your engine compartment. If you ever have to disable your ABS system, the relay is the most direct and effective way to handle it.

Step 1

Pop your hood and remove your negative battery cable.

Step 2

Locate your main relay box. Locations may vary from vehicle to vehicle, but they are usually located fairly close to your battery or main fuse panel. If you are not sure where yours is located, consult your owner's manual.

Step 3

Open the relay panel and examine the diagram printed on the inside of the cover. This diagram will show you the exact location of your ABS relay. Find the corresponding ABS relay and pull it straight off. Put your relay cover back on.

Step 4

Replace your negative battery cable.

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