How to Repair Toyota Camry Headlights That Won't Turn Off

by Ashton Daigle

Do not fear if you Toyota Camry's headlights suddenly refuse to turn off. Your car isn't possessed. In fact, the chances are good that the only problem is that the headlight relay has become stuck or is broken. A malfunctioning headlight relay can cause erratic changes with your headlights, including not being able to turn them off. The headlight switch on your Camry is located inside the main relay panel inside your engine compartment.

Step 1

Open the hood of your Camry and remove the negative battery cable in order to prevent electrical shock. Removing the negative battery cable will also prevent you from shorting anything out.

Step 2

Locate and open the relay panel. It is just to the top right-hand side of your battery and primary fuse box.

Step 3

Examine the inside of your Camry's relay panel lid. The diagram printed on the inside will show you exactly which relay you need to pull and replace.

Step 4

Pull the bad relay directly out by hand. Plug the new one in and place the cover back on.

Step 5

Use your socket set to put your negative battery cable back on.

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