How to Remove a Ford Focus Headlight Relay

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Headlight relays are circuits that help provide power to your headlight system. If your headlights are not working, you may have a faulty relay. Removing a relay is simple once you locate it. The Ford Focus has several headlight relays; each powers a specific headlight beam.

Step 1

Determine which relay you need to remove or replace. Your Focus uses four relays (two for high-beam and low-beam, two for each side). Turn on your headlights and determine which one is faulty.

Step 2

Locate the correct headlight relay. The headlight relays are in your engine bay fuse box. Relay 16 powers your driver's side low-beam; relay 26 powers your driver's side high-beam. Relay 17 powers your passenger side low-beam; relay 27 powers your passenger side high-beam. Remove the plastic fuse box cover and use the numbered diagram to locate the relay.

Step 3

Remove the headlight relay. Grasp it firmly and pull straight up to remove it. To replace the relay, or install a new one, push it straight down until it "snaps" into place. Replace the plastic cover when you are finished.

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