How to Replace the Power Steering Fluid in My Subaru Impreza

by Ayub Suleiman
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Adding power steering fluid to your Subaru Impreza is one of the many steps you can take to keep your car running safely. Power steering fluid is utilized by your Subaru's hydraulic pumps to make steering easier and therefore maximizing your ease and comfort. The power steering fluid can be depleted after a leak or regular use, and any time you notice a sound while steering your Impreza, you should suspect the power steering fluid and system.

Replacing power steering fluid.

Step 1

Park your Subaru Impreza on a flat, level surface. Turn off the engine. Open the hood.

Step 2

Locate the power steering fluid reservoir while standing in front of the vehicle on the left side of the engine compartment, halfway between the windshield and the headlight.

Step 3

Look at the side of the power steering fluid reservoir. There are four lines, each indicating a level of steering fluid. The four lines read "hot min/max" and "cold min/max." Depending on whether you are changing the fluid after running the engine (hot) or before turning on the engine (cold), decide the if the power steering level is lower than the corresponding minimum.

Step 4

Fill the power steering reservoir with automatic transmission fluid until it falls between the minimum and maximum lines. After running the engine, recheck the level and add fluid as necessary.

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