How to Access Honda Accord Turn Signal Relay

by Tara Kimball
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When the turn signal relay in your Honda Accord fails, you will notice that your turn signal no longer flashes. The turn signals are the only system you have to alert drivers on the road when you are turning or changing lanes. You should keep your turn signals fully functional at all times to protect yourself and others on the road. The relay is easily accessible right in your own driveway. Buy a replacement relay from an auto-parts retailer.

Step 1

Locate the fuse panel just beneath the dashboard on the driver side of the car. Remove the screw securing the fuse panel cover and remove the cover.

Step 2

Reach to the top-right corner of the fuse panel to locate the turn signal relay. The turn signal relay is a square-shaped relay. Push the tabs out on each side of the relay to release it, then pull the relay straight back to remove it from the panel.

Step 3

Push the new relay into place until the tabs click on the sides to lock it in place. Replace the cover on the fuse panel, tightening the screw with a Phillips screwdriver.

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