How to Change a Heater Blower Relay on a Pontiac Grand Prix

by Tara Kimball
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The Pontiac Grand Prix has a blower motor that is regulated with a fuse located in the fuse panel inside the glove box. If the blower motor in your Grand Prix is malfunctioning, you may have blown a fuse. The blower motor depends on a properly functioning 15-amp fuse to regulate the power flow that controls the blower motor speed. Buy a variety of fuses to keep on hand, and replace a blown fuse yourself in minutes.

Step 1

Sit in the passenger seat of your Grand Prix with the car turned off and the ignition key removed. Open the glove compartment and locate the bin on the side of the glove box. Pull the cover from the bin to expose the fuse panel inside the glove compartment.

Step 2

Locate the blower motor fuse in the fourth position down in the column of fuses on the far right of the panel. Use the fuse puller found inside the cover of the fuse panel to grasp the fuse and pull it straight back to remove it.

Step 3

Push the new fuse into position, pressing it into place until it is seated completely. Tuck the fuse pullers back inside the panel cover and replace the cover. Push the cover into position until it locks in place. Close the glove box.

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