Nissan Altima Electric Windows Won't Go Down

by Kelly Reese

If the electric windows on your Nissan Altima seem unresponsive, you may need to check the fuses in your car. If the fuses are not black or damaged, you will need to contact your local Nissan dealer. Nissan has certified Nissan technicians who can properly repair the electric window malfunction.

Step 1

Turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position. Turn the headlights to the "Off" position.

Step 2

Look under the steering wheel and locate the lever labeled "Hood." Pull the lever up toward the steering wheel.

Step 3

Go to the front of the vehicle and raise the hood. Locate a box labeled "Fuses" on the driver's side.

Step 4

Push the tab on the box and lift the cover to remove the fuse box cover on. Look under the fuse box cover and locate the fuse labeled "Windows." .

Step 5

Remove the corresponding fuse by pulling the fuse out of the socket. Look at the next line of fuses below the fuse you just removed. Remove the fuse from the location directly across from the fuse you just removed. Put the fuse in the opening you took the initial fuse from.

Step 6

Close the fuse box. Close the hood. Turn the key in the ignition to the "ON" position. Press the "Down" button for the windows to test if the window will respond. If the window still does not respond, contact your local Nissan repair shop.

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