How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in an Escalade

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Cadillac Escalade shares must of its components with other GM full-size SUVs (Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon), including the cabin air filter as of 2010. GM stopped equipping these SUVs with cabin air filters in 2003. Accessing and replacing the cabin air filters in the Cadillac Escalade is a straightforward process. The filters are mounted beneath the glove box; the compartment doesn't have to be removed, which makes the project fairly easy.

Step 1

Position yourself next to the passenger seat and look underneath the glove box compartment to find the plastic kick panel.

Step 2

Remove the four Phillips screws from the kick panel. Pull the kick panel off and move it to the side. You'll be able to see the filter compartment door behind the kick panel.

Step 3

Remove the single Phillips screw from the filter compartment door. Pull the door off to access the cabin air filters.

Step 4

Slide the first filter out of the compartment. Grasp the second filter, move it to the right, and pull it out of the compartment.

Step 5

Insert the first cabin air filter and position it to the left. Then, insert the second cabin air filter. Re-attach the filter compartment door by tightening the screw.

Step 6

Hold the plastic kick panel against its mount. Insert the screws and tighten them to replace the kick panel.

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