Where Is a Mazda 626 Cabin Filter Located?

by David Clair
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Some models of the Mazda 626 are equipped with a cabin air filter that keeps the air in the passenger area clean. The filter prevents dust and allergens that come in through the outside air from making their way through the ventilation system. The cabin filter in the 626 is located behind the foot well. Knowing the location of the filter is necessary when it is time to replace it. A dirty cabin air filter reduces air flow through the ventilation system, placing more stress on the fan motors.

Step 1

Remove the single screw in the foot well panel on the passenger side.

Step 2

Lift the panel out of the foot well. The filter is exposed in the area the panel was covering.

Step 3

Pull the old filter straight out of the filter compartment. Pull it toward the rear of the 626 to remove it. Install a new filter by reversing the steps.

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