How to Remove the Rear Cabin Air Filters on a Suburban

by Dave Baker NYC

Though you probably never give them a second thought, the cabin air filters on your Chevrolet Suburban serve a vital purpose. Think about it: dust, pollen, mold, smog--it's all coming into the vehicle. Thankfully, these particulate filters purify the ambient air so you can breathe easier. There are two filters: front and rear. To remove the rear cabin air filter on your Suburban, you must first remove the front filter. You should go ahead and replace them both if one becomes dirty or clogged.

Step 1

Open the passenger-side door of your Suburban and locate the black kick-plate cover underneath the glove compartment.

Step 2

Use the ratchet and socket to pull out the four screws that hold the kick-plate cover in place. Remove the kick-plate cover and set it aside. This will reveal the door to the cabin air filter.

Step 3

Remove the screw in the cabin filter door, using the Phillips screwdriver, and pull the door out with your hands to unhinge it.

Step 4

Pull the front filter straight down with your hand to remove it.

Step 5

Slide the rear filter forward and pull it down with your hand to remove it.

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