How to Remove the Headlight from a 2007 Hyundai

by Robert Good

The headlights on a 2007 Hyundai are accessible through the engine compartment. The headlight bulbs are secured to the light housing by a metal clip that is round and thin. A rubber seal covers the light housing to protect the wires and bulb from rain and the clip will be behind the seal. You will need no tools to remove the headlight bulb from the housing. It should take you about two minutes.

Step 1

Pull the plastic wire harness apart that connects the wires on the light to the wires from the Hyundai. Pull the rubber seal back until it comes off the rear of the light bulb.

Step 2

Compress the two small metal arms at the top of the metal clip with your fingers. Pull the clip off the rear of the light bulb.

Step 3

Pull the light bulb from the socket with your hand. Replace the light bulb in the reverse order of removal.

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