How to Program a Keyless Remote for a 2000 Grand Prix

by Kenneth W. Michael Wills
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In order to program your remote for your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, you need know a couple of things before you begin. First, you will need to have your owners manual handy to location the fuse panel on your vehicle. Next, if your have more than one remote, you will need to have all remotes with you. Once you enter the programming mode with any remote, the system will erase the programming for all your remotes.

Step 1

Enter your car and make sure you close all the doors. Do not put your keys into the ignition.

Step 2

Open your users manual and go to the section that diagrams your fuse panel. This section will explain where to find the fuse panel. You will need to locate the "Mall PGM" fuse; usually your will find a diagram on the fuse panel itself, labeling each fuse. Locate the "Mall PGM" fuse and remove it by simply pulling it out. If you can't pull out the fuse with your fingertips, you will find a small tool in the fuse box that resembles a clothes pin. Use this tool to remove the fuse.

Step 3

Put your key into the ignition switch and turn it to the "ACC" position. Turn the key from the "Off" position back to the "ACC" position in one second. Open and close your driver's door and you will hear a chime, letting your know you are in programming mode.

Step 4

Pick up your remote and hold both the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons at the same time for 14 seconds. You will hear a chime after about seven seconds, keep holding the keys down until your hear a second chime. The second chime will confirm programming. Repeat this step for all your other remotes.

Step 5

Take your key out of the ignition switch and reinstall your "Mall PGM" fuse to complete programming.

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