How to Make Your Own Dash Cover

by Jordan Whitehouse
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Over time dashboards can become cracked or discolored after prolonged sun exposure. Car upholstery centers can replace your old dash cover or you can place a new one over the old one, but this will cost a significant amount of money. If you have the right tools and materials, you can make your own dash cover in about an hour.

Step 1

Clean your existing dashboard thoroughly with a cloth and car upholstery cleaner. Remove any dust or dirt on the dashboard. Allow the surface to dry for about ten minutes.

Step 2

Place your piece of marine grade vinyl fabric face down over top of the dashboard and trace the outside of it with the marker.

Step 3

Cut out the shape of the vinyl fabric and place it face down on top of the dashboard again.

Step 4

Trace any smaller features such as vents onto the vinyl fabric that exists on the dashboard and then cut out these features.

Step 5

Select the appropriate glue for adhering the vinyl fabric to the dashboard. The type of glue will vary depending on what your dashboard is made of. See Resource 1 for the appropriate glue.

Step 6

Apply glue to the entire dashboard according to the directions on the glue container.

Step 7

Lay the vinyl fabric over the dashboard face up in the appropriate orientation. Smooth out any ripples that appear by moving your hands across the vinyl fabric in large swooping motions.

Step 8

Allow the glue to set for about 24 hours. Don't use the vehicle during this period.

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