How to Hang Up Photos in Your Car

by Lanae Carr

Photos are a common way to share memories with faraway friends and family. They can also become reminders of an inspiring moment where you were victorious over a life challenge or a moment where you fell in love. In cases where photos have deep sentimental value, you should choose to prominently display your photos to help keep your spirits lifted throughout the day. Hanging pictures in your car is a great option because you can reflect on the photo's events during quiet moments in your car.

Single Frames

Locate a paper frame for your picture from a local craft or drug store. These frames are lightweight and are usually hung as ornaments on Christmas trees or used as temporary decoration at event.

Lift the ribbon from the back of the photo frame. If no ribbon is present, you can tape a ribbon or piece of string along the top of the photo frame, leaving at least six inches of slack.

Insert your photo into the picture frame. Hang the frame over the rearview mirror.

Multiple Photos

Punch a hole in the top center of a small stack of photos using a hole punch.

String a ribbon through the holes.

Tie the ribbon around the rearview mirror.


  • Hang photos 4x6" and smaller to avoid obstructing your view while driving.


  • Hole punch copies of photos rather than the original to avoid permanent damage to your pictures.

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