How to Find the Year & Model of a Yamaha Timberwolf

by Jen Davis

You may need to locate information about your Yamaha Timberwolf four-wheeler if you need parts or plan to sell it. Due to the lack of consistant registration laws for four-wheelers and ATVs, many ATVs have been sold without titles or any kind of documentation, leaving the new owners guessing as to how old the machine is or what specific model it might be. Fortunately, all four-wheelers have vehicle indentification numbers (VINs) that can be decoded to determine such information.

Step 1

Locate the VIN on your Timberwolf. This is the 17-character expression stamped into the frame of your four-wheeler. Start looking for it by checking the frame on the left side near the front wheel.

Step 2

Record the VIN on a sheet of paper.

Step 3

Decode the VIN. You have several options. You can enter the VIN number into a VIN decoder, such as the one available from Motoverse (See Resources) or you can call your local Yamaha dealership and provide them with the VIN, which they can decode for you.

Step 4

Determine the year of your ATV from the ATV VIN Number site (see References) from ATV Style. The tenth character gives this information, and the key to decoding it is found on that site.

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