How to Attach a Guardian Bell to Your Motorcycle

by Ashley Kurz
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Many bikers use guardian bells as a means of protection from evil spirits, or gremlins. Legend states that when gremlins try to grab onto your moving bike, they will be distracted by the ringing of the bell. Their dislike of the sound of the bell causes them to cover their ears and let go of the bike. These bells are often given as gifts and are symbolic of biker legend, even to nonbelievers. If you receive a guardian bell, you'll need to know how to properly attach it to your bike.

Step 1

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Find an appropriate place near the bottom of your bike to hang your guardian bell, where it will not interfere with moving wheels or other parts. One good place is the peg where your feet rest.

Step 2

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Hold the bell up to the peg or part of the frame where you will place it. Thread a cable tie or leather strap through the bell's hang loop.

Step 3

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Wrap the cable tie or leather strap around the frame or peg. Tie off the leather strap with a double-knot, or insert the tapered end of the cable tie into the slot on the square end, and pull tightly.

Step 4

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Cut off any excess strap or cable tie with scissors.

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