How to Transport a Scooter

by Robert Raphael
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Scooters are a popular means of transportation because of their sleek looks, price and reasonable fuel usage. Transporting a scooter either, because you are moving to a new location or are preparing it for delivery to a buyer, can be accomplished using easy-to-find gear. You will save yourself time and money by doing this yourself, and you will have the satisfaction and security that the scooter is well cared for during transport.

Step 1

Park the transport vehicle on level ground or at the bottom of a hill to make loading the scooter easier. Set the aluminum-loading ramp directly behind the loading bay of the vehicle and open the doors.

Step 2

Secure the ramp to the back of the vehicle with a rope clamp and line the scooter up in front of the ramp. Have a friend stand on the side of the ramp opposite from you as you roll the scooter into the vehicle.

Step 3

Set a long piece of wood perpendicular to the front of the scooter and push the front wheel firmly down into the wood to hold it in place. Use tie downs around the handgrips or mirror mounts and secure the hooks on the tie downs on your vehicle.

Step 4

Secure the back of the scooter with a tie down around the seat mount connected to the rear tie down points.

Step 5

Release the tie downs when you reach your destination, and hold the front brake leer as you roll the scooter down the ramp to keep it steady.

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