How to Build a Gas Scooter

by Editorial Team

A gas scooter is a great way to get about town. You will need balance, because there are only 2 wheels. The engine is small, but it does create some difficulty in balance. The gas scooter moves faster than a bicycle, and this is a plus. The downside is that a gas scooter also releases gases into the atmosphere just like a car.

Step 1

Find a scooter that is in good condition-in order to make it run on gas you need to modify it.

Step 2

Check the hand brakes and tires to see if the scooter will stop and hold your weight. There are scooters made specifically to hold an adult.

Step 3

Get a new chainsaw engine, not an old one. You need the arm of the saw, not just the engine. Leave the chainsaw in its housing; this will make attaching the engine to the scooter easier.

Step 4

Take a screwdriver and detach the centrifugal clutch from the crankshaft. The chainsaw engine power will run through the scooter sprockets and the bicycle chain.

Step 5

Assemble the scooter and engine with a bolt that attaches the sprocket to the rear axle. You may need to modify the rear wheel mount if the base isn't wide enough.

Step 6

Set the motor on the back of the scooter platform. Make sure the sprockets line up before you attach the motor.

Step 7

Drill holes through the scooter platform and attach the engine housing. You need to wrap the bike chain around the sprockets. Fasten the hand accelerator to the handle bars and wire the on/off switch.

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