How to Make a Mini Bike Legal

by Heather Broeker

Although minibikes are a lot of fun to ride, many are not legal to ride on the street. In order to be legal, a minibike will have to possess certain characteristics mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you have made adjustments to the minibike, you can take it to the DMV to see if it will pass inspection.

Step 1

Equip your minibike with indicator lights. Besides a brake light, you will need to install both right and left turn signals. You can purchase indicator lights from a minibike retailer if your bike does not already have them.

Step 2

Place rear-view mirrors onto each side of the handlebars of your minibike.These mirrors are required by law, to ensure that you see vehicles and objects behind you.

Step 3

Arrange to install a horn on your minibike. You will want a hardwired version, and not the type that just screws on. You can buy a minibike horn, rear-view mirrors and indicator lights all from the retailer Scooter Parts (see Resources).

Step 4

Take out an insurance policy for your minibike. Before you can register it, you will have to have insurance in order to legally ride it on the street.

Step 5

Register the minibike. In order for you to ride the bike on the street, it will have to be registered through the DMV. Once it is registered, you will be given a set of plates to put on the minibike. You can then take the bike through inspection to get a valid inspection sticker.

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