How to Reset a Brake Warning Light

by Katebo
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Computer systems on most vehicles today store codes and warn you of problems with dashboard lights. This is known as On Board Diagnostics (OBD). Once the problem is fixed, the light on the control panel should go out. If it doesn't, it can be fixed using an OBD scan tool. To reset a "Brake Warning" light, you must read the code first to find out what the specific problem is. How to reset the light will vary a little from vehicle to vehicle, but the information can be found in your vehicle's service or owner's manual.

Step 1

Find your vehicle's Assembly Line Diagnostic Link port. This is usually on the bottom left side of the dashboard under the control panel.

Step 2

Attach an OBD1 or 2 scanner to this port and turn the key in the ignition but do not start the engine. The type of scanner depends on the age of your vehicle. Check the vehicle's owner's manual for assistance.

Step 3

Press "OK" and read the code. Look up the code in the vehicle's service manual.

Step 4

Service the brakes according to the problem diagnosed by the code.

Step 5

Attach the OBD scanner back to the port and turn the key in the ignition again without starting the engine. Press "OK" to read the code then press "Delete" to clear the Brake Warning light.

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