Pocket Bike Laws in Florida

by Shari Caudill
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A pocket bike is around three feet long and two feet high. It is less than 50 cc. and classified as a motor vehicle under Florida laws. However, according to the sheriff’s department in Orange County, home of Orlando, the bike is not manufactured to meet the standards set forth in the federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act. As a result a pocket bike can't be registered for use on a public road anywhere in the state.

Legal Riding

A pocket bike may be ridden only on private property such as in a yard or driveway. The owner must give his permission for you to ride on his property.

No one may ride a pocket bike on a public roadway, bike path or sidewalk.

If you are traveling to a legal location to ride, you must push, carry or transport it in another manner.


If you are caught riding a pocket bike on a sidewalk, you will receive a traffic citation for operating a motorized vehicle on a sidewalk.

You may also be issued a criminal citation for operating an unregistered motor vehicle. You will be required to appear in court. As this is a criminal offense, you can be arrested at the site of the violation.

Possession of a valid driver’s license does not give you permission to ride an unauthorized vehicle. However, if you do not have a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, an officer can arrest you for operating a motor vehicle without a valid license. You would be subject to a criminal citation, ordered to appear in court and/or arrested at the scene.

Parent Responsibility

Any parent or guardian who knowingly permits a juvenile to operate a motor vehicle on public streets without a driver’s license may be arrested and/or cited. It is a misdemeanor offense.

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