How to Get Rid of an Old Motorcycle

by Brooke Pierce

Don’t know what to do with your old motorcycle that is just taking up space in the garage? You have a few options: scrap it, donate it or sell it. Before you start the process of getting rid of your motorcycle, service it, then wash and wax it -- even if you choose to scrap it, doing this will benefit you. If you cannot do this personally, take it to a mechanic or detail shop.

Scrap It

Search the Internet for a neighborhood junkyard or see if there is a motorcycle "boneyard" in your area. Read through the website of any junkyard or boneyard you find to learn how it accepts motorcycles. Call the yard or email the company operating it to get better feedback if needed.

Take your motorcycle to the yard if needed. Some junkyards will send their staff to your home to pick up your bike. For more information on scrapping your motorcycle, check here.

The yard employees will inspect your motorcycle. You will then receive compensation as per your agreement with the junkyard owner.


You are not required to service your motorcycle if you take it to a junkyard; however, you will get more cash for it if you do.

Donate It

Search the Internet for various motorcycle-donation charities, where you'll find organizations such as Kars4Kids and Car Donation Wizard. As with scrapping your motorcycle, read the organization's website to learn the conditions for donating a bike.

Fill out a donation form. Send it to the charity.

Arrange for how your motorcycle will get to the charity.

Sell It

Gather documents such as the motorcycle title as well as records indicating any service performed on your bike. Visit your region’s department of motor vehicles to obtain the forms needed for selling a motorcycle and transferring the title.

Conduct pricing research. Market prices for motorcycles are found at NADA guides, where you can make estimates. Compare prices with other motorcycles listed on websites like eBay and Craigslist.

Take several pictures ensuring that you capture all angles. Post an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or even online. Indicate the price, mileage, motorcycle description and post some pictures. Allstate offers some great tips for selling your cycle, from preparing the bike to dealing with potential buyers.

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