How to Sell My Scooter

by Rachel Aenne
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Selling a used scooter can take some patience. A private transaction will typically allow you a higher asking price than selling to a dealer, but finding a private buyer can take time. Determining a fair asking price and advertising will help you have a successful sale. Putting yourself in the buyer's shoes will also help.

Step 1

Wash and wax your scooter. Fix any minor problems. Make your scooter look as good as possible. Remove any personal property from the scooter.

Step 2

Enlist the services of a mechanic. Have your mechanic evaluate your scooter and identify any problems. Fix any issues you can. Otherwise, your asking price may have to be lowered.

Step 3

Research the value of the scooter using the Kelley Blue Book. Compare that value with other current asking prices for similar scooters. Determine your asking price.

Step 4

Post classified ads in your local newspapers and online classified sites. Create fliers and post them on bulletin boards at auto parts shops, grocery stores, gas stations, your mechanic's garage and anywhere else you can think of. Make sure to include pictures and highlight any selling points, such as aftermarket additions, low mileage, low number of owners and complete maintenance records.

Step 5

Determine if you would like to list your scooter on online auction sites. If you do, be sure to specify whether you will ship the scooter to the buyer or the buyer must come pick it up.

Step 6

Make sure you have the title, registration, current emissions certification, a bill of sale and a release of liability form. Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to determine if you need any additional paperwork in your state, county or city.

Step 7

Allow potential buyers to test-drive your scooter, but make sure they have a current driver's license first. Hold their car keys as collateral until they return the scooter.

Step 8

Negotiate the price with the potential buyer. Make sure the buyer pays with cash or a certified check or money order. If you accept a personal check and sign the paperwork, you may have little recourse if the check bounces. Consult an attorney if you plan to accept payments from the buyer.

Step 9

Complete the bill of sale and sign it. Have the buyer sign it as well. Make sure the bill of sale specifies that the scooter is sold "as is" without any guarantee or warranty. Sign the title over to the buyer. Complete the release of liability form.

Step 10

Cancel your insurance on the scooter.

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