How to Find an Automobile Dealer's License Number

by Stephanie Mojica
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Every state requires that an automobile dealer acquire and maintain a valid license. Violating this law can be considered a misdemeanor in a number of U.S. jurisdictions. Whether you are choosing to buy a new or used vehicle from a dealer, you may want to ensure that the business is obeying the law and has a valid license. Fortunately, it is usually simple to not only verify the company has a license in good standing but also obtain the automobile dealer’s license number.

Step 1

Visit the website for your state’s motor vehicles division or call your local office. If you aren’t familiar with the appropriate contact information, visit

Step 2

Type in the automobile dealer’s company name if you're using an online search engine. If you're talking to a representative on the telephone or in person, ask for the license status and number of your preferred car dealership. Make sure the call or visit occurs during normal business hours.

Step 3

Read the information presented if you used a computer search, to ensure the license number is for the correct dealer. (This is important because some dealer names are similar.) Typical Internet license searches will present the license status, number and expiration date. Once you confirm the data is for the right company, print or save the license number and other related information.

If you made a telephone call or visit to the DMV, write down the automobile dealer’s license number and any other relevant information presented to you.

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