How to Check the VIN of a Motor Scooter

by David Shaw
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Scooters, like most other vehicles, contain a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is like a birth certificate. Each scooter is given a number containing information about when and where it was made, who it belongs to and any information about repairs or accidents. Your local Department of Motor Vehicles can look up your VIN and provide you with any information about the scooter. In many cases, people who are looking up the VIN are interested in buying the scooter.

Step 1

Locate the glove compartment just below the footrest on your scooter.

Step 2

Find the VIN plate cover just below the key hole of the glove compartment on your scooter. Slide the plate cover up using a screwdriver to view the scooter's VIN.

Step 3

Visit your local DMV website. Click on the option labeled, "Motorcycle VIN Check". Type your scooter's VIN into the space provided and press "Enter" to view your scooter's vehicle history report.

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