How to Check the Oil in a Honda Shadow 1100 V-Twin

by Justin Mark

The oil in your Honda Shadow 1100's V-twin engine ensures not only a smooth-running engine but a long-lasting one as well. The engine has many moving parts that need to be lubricated to ensure that they are running smoothly. The oil also prevents the engine from overheating during operation. To ensure that the motorcycle's engine has enough oil, it's important that you check the oil level regularly.

Step 1

Start the motorcycle and let it idle for at least five minutes to allow the engine and the oil to warm up. Turn off the engine.

Step 2

Unscrew the oil filler cap from the right side of the motorcycle. Wipe the oil dipstick, which is attached to the oil filler cap, with the clean rag.

Step 3

Reinsert the dipstick into the oil filler hole while an assistant holds the motorcycle in an upright position. The motorcycle must be upright to get an accurate oil reading.

Step 4

Pull out the dipstick from the oil filler hole to check the oil level. The oil level must be between the "maximum" and "minimum" markings on the dipstick.

Step 5

Pour oil into the motorcycle's oil filler hole to increase the oil level if needed. Screw the oil filler cap back into the motorcycle's oil filler hole. Lower the motorcycle onto the motorcycle's kickstand.

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