How Does a Hypercharger Work on a Motorcycle?

by Michael Harris

A hypercharger is an aftermarket component on motorcycles meant to increase engine performance. It is essentially a scoop-shaped air-filter housing which serves to increase pressure on the intake side of the engine.


A hypercharger is a side-mounted intake component with an opening facing in the direction of travel. When a motorcycle is in motion, the hypercharger capitalizes on the dynamic pressure of air being driven into it to create heightened pressure on the intake side of the engine. The result is an increase in power for the bike.


Because the impact of a hypercharger depends on air speed, it has virtually no impact on engine performance at lower speeds. This is in contrast to other means of forced induction, such as turbocharging.


Hyperchargers usually cost under $300 and achieve a gain of 4-9 hp. They are also extremely simple to install, and require no modifications other than rejetting the carburetor.

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