M109r Raw Exhaust Tips

by Dr. Samuel Helms
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Exhaust tips from Raw Designs are available for the Suzuki M109r. These tips do not require altering the motorcycle's stock exhaust system, so there is no risk of changing the emissions of the bike. The tips usually alter the sound of the bike while riding, particularly when accelerating, so before installing these tips be sure you will still be within your city and states noise limits.


The Scorpion exhaust tips from Raw Design are shaped like hooks. These chrome-plated tips add more of a performance sound to the bike while keeping the vehicle's emissions and exhaust system in place. Because of this, you do not need to worry about breaking the emission laws in your state when you install these tips. According to Raw Designs, the tips can add 3 horsepower to the M109r and improve the sound of the bike when accelerating.

Choaker Caps

Choaker caps attach to the end of the tailpipe to add a custom look to the bike. According to Raw Designs, they also alter the sound of the bike's exhaust system. However, the tips increase back pressure on the exhaust system. Back pressure diverts more engine power from the wheels and torque toward expelling exhaust gases from the cylinders. This means reduced power and slower acceleration, although the difference may not be noticeable.


Lastly, Raw Designs makes "Shotgun" tips for a variety of bikes, including the M109r. These tips are chromed steel and will add a thunderous sound when accelerating. Raw Designs recommends not changing the stock exhaust system of the M109r. Instead, they suggest using these tips to improve the sound of the bike.

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