How to Remove Baffles From Cobra Pipes

by Nathaniel Miller

Cobra Pipes are a type of motorcycle exhaust system that can provide more sound and power from your motorcycle. However, if you are after even more hearty, throaty roar from your bike, plus a decent horsepower boost, you can remove the baffles from the pipes. The baffles are the metal inserts located inside the Cobra exhaust pipe that act as a disruptor to tone down exhaust flow and noise. Removing the baffles essentially turns your exhaust into a straight pipe configuration with no muffling abilities whatsoever. If this is the sound you are looking for, then you can quickly and easily achieve it by following this step by step process.

Step 1

Locate the baffle screws on the back, middle portion of the Cobra tailpipes. Use the screwdriver to loosen and remove the baffle mounting screws.

Step 2

Slide the baffles out of each one of the tail pipes.

Step 3

Replace the baffle screws in the pipe itself to prevent corrosion from water trapped inside the pipe. Start the bike up and listen to your newly modified motorcycle exhaust.

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