How to Remove an Exhaust Resonator

by Russell Wood

An exhaust resonator on a car acts like a preliminary muffler. It mounts after the catalytic converter, and silences the exhaust an extra step before the muffler. Some people like this, but others prefer the sound of a vehicle with a bit more exhaust rumble. For them, one option is to remove the exhaust resonator from the system, which will make the exhaust louder in the process. This should take around an hour to do.

Step 1

Lift the vehicle up with the jack and put it onto a set of jack stands. Make sure there is enough room underneath the vehicle for you to work with the reciprocating saw.

Step 2

Locate the exhaust resonator, which is mounted after the catalytic converter, and is typically just before the muffler. Put on your eye and hearing protection, as well as the gloves.

Step 3

Put the metal reciprocating saw blade into the reciprocating saw. Cut the exhaust pipe 2 inches forward of the resonator and 2 inches rearward of the resonator with the reciprocating saw. Take the resonator out from underneath the vehicle.

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