How to Make a Four-Wheeler Muffler Have a Deep & Loud Roar

by Chelsea Day
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David Simmonds

Four-wheelers are fun off-road vehicles that let you tackle many terrains and dominate the hills and plateaus of various environments. Many four-wheelers come with performance exhaust systems with loud mufflers, but if your four wheeler's roar sounds more like a bicycle than a powerful all-terrain vehicle, a few easy modifications can have your vehicle's muffler emitting a deep, loud sound that can be heard from far away, letting everyone know your four-wheeler is ready to perform.

Step 1

Unscrew the bolts at the end of the muffler pipe by turning them counter-clockwise with the wrench.

Step 2

Pull off the cap at the end of the muffler.

Step 3

Reach into the end of the muffler with the vice grip.

Step 4

Pinch the vice grip and yank on it to pull it out. If it won't come out, insert the sharp metal rod into the end of the muffler and bang on the end of it with the hammer, breaking a hole in the baffle.

Step 5

Aim the tip of the ice pick at the bottom of the muffler, near where the exhaust comes out, and bang on the end of the ice pick with the hammer, creating a small hole. Repeat this to make a total of two small holes.

Step 6

Place the muffler cap back on the muffler and screw the bolts back on.

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