How to Make a Car Exhaust Louder Without Buying Anything

by John Walker
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The catalytic converter and muffler operate to dampen sounds and control vehicle emissions. Some states require that all vehicles manufactured after a certain date have both. Increasing the noise level of your exhaust on newer vehicles requires purchasing aftermarket exhaust systems. Older vehicles, such as a 1960's era truck, are grandfathered in, allowing for the use of straight piping. You can modify the exhaust on an older vehicle easily without having to buy any expensive parts.

Step 1

Cut the exhaust pipe with an angle grinder where the exhaust pipe meets the muffler coming out of the engine.

Step 2

Cut the hangers on the disconnected pipe with the angle grinder and remove the excess pipe. You will see two to three hangers connecting the pipe and the frame extending towards the rear of the vehicle. Cut all of them.

Step 3

Drill three holes near the tip of the remaining pipe along the bottom edge. The holes will cause some reverberation, increasing the noise level.

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