How to Put a Muffler on Your Car Without Welding?

by Jenny Carver

Mufflers are often an overlooked area of a vehicle's maintenance. Clogged or damaged mufflers can cause a vehicle to run rough, sound loud, have lower fuel efficiency and often pour smoke out of the tailpipe. Mufflers are not an expensive part to replace, but the cost of labor can be high at a local mechanic shop. Learn now to install a replacement or performance muffler on your car without having to weld it in place or bring it to a costly muffler shop.

How to Remove an Old Muffler

Step 1

Park the vehicle on a flat surface. Jack up the vehicle and set the jack stands under it in the appropriate places under the frame.

Step 2

Using your tools, remove all muffler clamp bolts holding the old muffler and muffler joints in place. Make sure the vehicle is cooled off before this step or you can be badly burned as the muffler gets very hot.

Step 3

Measure the old muffler next to the new muffler to make sure they are the same length and the bolt holes match. Throw away the old muffler so it can not be used again, especially if it is clogged or damaged.

How to Install a New Muffler

Step 1

Put the new muffler in place and place the muffler joints around it.

Step 2

Tighten the muffler clamp bolts just enought to hold the muffler in place until you get all of the bolts on. Re-tighten all of the bolts completely.

Step 3

Clear the muffler of anything that may be touching it. Remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle.

Step 4

Start the vehicle and listen for any leaks. Leaks will be noticable because of the loud or odd sounds it will make. Re-align and tighten the bolts again if there are leaks.

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