How to Install a Glasspack Muffler

by Justin Obrien

Many car enthusiasts love the deep rumbling roar a Glasspack muffler produces on a car as it throbs down the street. Glasspack mufflers are very popular and relatively inexpensive to install, and work on a wide variety of makes and models of cars. A weekend mechanic can install a Glasspack muffler in a few hours.

Step 1

Drive your car on the lift and raise it off the ground, or place your jack on the rear of the car and lift it off the ground high enough so you can work under it. You can find all the tools and every glasspack muffler you need at an auto parts store.

Step 2

Use the pipe cutter to remove the old muffler by placing it firmly against the pipe and slowly working it around. The pipe cutter will ensure that you are getting a clean, smooth cut.

Step 3

Remove the old muffler (usually four bolts) and wipe down the pipe with the shop cloth.

Step 4

Mount the glass pack muffler onto the pipe. Put pipe clamps onto the pipe and muffler connections before mounting.

Step 5

Tighten the pipe clamps on the inlet and exhaust pipes until the muffler cannot move freely.

Step 6

Mount the assembly to the frame of the car, using the muffler hangers. It can swing freely with a little bit of play, but be certain the muffler doesn't rub the underside of the car.

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