How to Cut Off the Muffler

by Jenny Carver
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The original muffler on most vehicles is welded in place between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust tip. The muffler is usually rectangular or oblong shaped and houses the exhaust pipe. As its name suggests, the muffler's job is to muffle the sound of the vehicle's exhaust noise. If you need to install a new muffler, you can cut old one off in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Park your vehicle and make sure the exhaust is completely cool. The muffler and exhaust pipes get very hot while the vehicle is running. Lift the rear of the vehicle with a jack and place a jack stand underneath the frame, near the rear tires.

Step 2

Wear thick gloves and a face shield to protect yourself from metal shards that can fly off of the pipes while cutting. A long-sleeve shirt is also recommended.

Step 3

Place the hacksaw on the location the muffler will be cut. It's best to cut the exhaust pipe at least four to six inches from each end of the muffler. This leaves room for a new muffler to be welded in place, or for the muffler to be welded on to a different vehicle.

Step 4

Use a steady push and pull motion to slowly cut through the exhaust pipe. The metal is thin, so it should take less than 20 minutes to make the cut in front of and behind the muffler. Pull the muffler away from the car and lower the car to the ground.

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