How to Replace the Catalytic Converter on a Pontiac Vibe

by Chris Moore

The catalytic converter collects the exhaust waste from the engine and reduces as many pollutants as possible. The converter on a Vibe is bolted to the exhaust manifold, but welded to the exhaust pipe. If you need to replace the converter on your Vibe, experience in cutting and welding is essential. Please note that federal law mandates an extended warranty on all exhaust components, so it may be easier and cheaper to have the converter replaced professionally. The process can also vary greatly depending on the model year.

Step 1

Raise the Vibe's rear end with a floor jack and support it on jack stands. The catalytic converter looks similar to the muffler, but is located closer to the engine.

Step 2

Apply penetrating oil to the nuts and studs connecting the converter to the exhaust manifold.

Step 3

Unscrew and remove the nuts on the front exhaust flange with your wrench and separate the front end from the exhaust manifold.

Step 4

Dress in long-sleeved, flame retardant clothing, along with a full protective welder's mask, and cut the rear end of the catalytic converter from the Vibe's exhaust pipe using an acetylene cutting torch.

Step 5

Install the replacement converter to the exhaust flange using the nuts and your wrench.

Step 6

Weld the catalytic converter onto the rear exhaust pipe with your welding torch.

Step 7

Lower the car off the jack stands once the weld is cool and solid.

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