How to Install Glass Packs

by Nathaniel Miller
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Glass Pack mufflers are among the simplest and most popular mufflers available today. Applicable to all car makes and models, and usually enhancing performance if correctly set up, Glass Packs are inexpensive and easy to install. Any fledgling mechanic can install a set in a few hours to replace his stock mufflers.

Step 1

Drive your car up onto the jacks or grease pit and set the parking brake.

Step 2

Cut the exhaust pipe just in front of and just behind your stock mufflers by wrapping the pipe cutter around the pipe and slowly turning it. The cutter scores the pipe little by little until it cuts all the way through the pipe, ensuring a clean, smooth cut.

Step 3

Slide the Glass Pack into place, removing extra exhaust pipe if necessary with the pipe cutter. Secure the muffler on both the inlet and outlet sides by installing the exhaust clamps around the lip of the muffler and exhaust pipe. Tighten the clamps with a crescent wrench until the muffler will no longer move freely when pulled on.

Step 4

Secure the newly installed Glass Pack by attaching muffler hangers to the solid areas on your car's frame, wrapping muffler straps around the muffler itself and tightening with a screwdriver. Make sure the exhaust system does not rub on the undercarriage of the car and is securely fastened to the frame.

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