How to Make a Quiet Muffler

by Tzvi Raphael
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The purpose of your car's muffler is to reduce the noise created by the motor, like a type of a sound filter. If you prefer a quieter ride in your car, you may want to learn how make a quiet muffler. If you are hearing more noise than usual, then you'll definitely want to make your muffler quieter. Not only will you have more peace of mind, but so will your passengers.

Step 1

Check your car owner's manual to see what type of gas your car requires. Many upper-scale cars require high-octane gas. If your car requires high-octane gas and you're filling it with regular gas, then your muffler will make noise. If this is the case, simply switch to the correct octane gas.

Step 2

Install an exhaust muffler silencer. Silencers are meant to be used together with the muffler you already have, and will lower sound levels without any loss of power. All silencers are installed differently, so follow the exact instructions that are printed in the manual that comes with the silencer.

Step 3

Attempt to use glass packing. You can wrap your muffler in a pack that consists of a special metal tube lined with glass. The tube is wrapped in steel to prevent it from breaking. You can install a glass packing tube easily. Check with the manufacturer of the model you purchase for exact installation instructions. You can purchase these packs at any auto supply shop.

Step 4

Check that your exhaust system is operating properly. A well-functioning exhaust system should function quietly and efficiently. Listen for loud noise, dinging sounds and vibrations. No thick smoke should come out of the exhaust when your car is moving. If your car starts making noise, you might need to replace the muffler or its pipe. Take your car for an inspection to see if there's a problem with your muffler or some other part of the exhaust system. It's best to leave a full muffler replacement to a certified mechanic.

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