How to Make an ATV Silent Exhaust

by Laura Hageman

ATV vehicles are used for sport as well as traveling on dirt roads and side streets. It is a four-wheel vehicle that tends to be loud. Many ATV riders prefer the vehicle to make less noise, especially when using it during hunting or going through quiet neighborhoods. Making a silent exhaust is beneficial for ATV rides.

Step 1

Use an exhaust add-on. This is an additional muffler that attaches to the ATV muffler. It adds about 5 inches to the muffler, but it lowers the sound by at least 50 percent.

Step 2

Get a silencer. An ATV exhaust silencer reduces sound by 80 percent and is probably one of the best ways to quiet the ATV. The silencer is attached onto the adapter on the muffler on the ATV.

Step 3

Use a stealth exhaust system. This is a muffler that quiets the noise that the average ATV muffler makes without losing performance or speed. It can cost up to $150 depending on the size needed. The stealth exhaust will come in kits and give installation instructions.

Step 4

Purchase an afterburner quiet exhaust endcap. This is an extension added to the length of the muffler in order to minimize the noise. It is lightweight and made of stainless steel. The endcap is easy to remove when finished riding. One of the best brands to buy is DMC, which can be purchased online or in any auto store.

Step 5

Get a tune-up on the ATV. This will help with the ATV's performance and help keep the exhaust silent. Without good plugs and fuel filter, it can make the ATV slower and louder.

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