How to Get Rust Off of Dual Exhaust Tips

by William Zane
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Dual exhaust tips come stock on many vehicles and are also a popular upgrade on the aftermarket. Dual exhaust tips look sporty and are a great way to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior. Most dual exhaust tips are made of chrome or stainless steel. Though stainless is more corrosion-resistant than chrome, both types of finishes can rust if they are not properly cared for.

Step 1

Remove the exhaust tips if they are bolted on. This will make it easier to clean the entire surface of the tips. Skip this step if they are welded on or you don’t want to remove them.

Step 2

Wash the exhaust tips with a mild cleaner and clean, dry towels. For a cleaner you can use dish washing detergent or a product such as Simple Green.

Step 3

Polish the exhaust tips with a good quality metal polish such as BLUE-JOB. (See Resources) Apply the polish with a clean, dry towel and then buff it out to get an idea of where the rust is located.

Step 4

Remove persistent rust that has caused minor pitting with a very fine steel wool pad and the metal polish. Rub the polish into the rusted areas. Rinse the tips off thoroughly with water.

Step 5

Remove rust that does not come off with the chrome polish with aluminum foil and white vinegar. Fold the aluminum foil into a palm-sized square and dip the foil into the vinegar. Place the foil in the palm of your hand and rub it onto the rust on the exhaust tips. Repeat the process until the rust is removed. You can substitute Coca Cola for the white vinegar. Rinse the tips with water and dry.

Step 6

Polish the tips again with the chrome polish after you use the white vinegar and aluminum foil. Use a clean, dry towel to apply the polish and then buff it off.

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