How to Polish a Stainless Steel Exhaust

by Randall Shatto
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Polishing all chrome and stainless steel parts on a car is important. Your vehicle should always be in tiptop shape, but this is especially true when you are selling your car. The stainless steel exhaust is no exception. Whether you want to show the car or get ready to sell, every piece should be in pristine condition. It is vital that you use a product that is safe on stainless steal and soft cleaning material to protect the exhaust.

Step 1

Buy a new sponge brush, an ultra soft cloth and stainless steel polish. The polish is available from most department and auto stores as well as online shops. You can use Stanley Geli-Clean, System Stainless Steel Cleaner, Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Cleaning Polish and Conditioner or a product of your choice. Your brush should be small and long enough to fit inside the exhaust pipe.

Step 2

Turn off the vehicle. Let the car cool down for at least an hour. This will prevent you from burning yourself on the exhaust pipe.

Step 3

Spray four or five squirts of the cleaning product on the outside of the exhaust. For a cream, use the cloth and dip into the jar. With a liquid, pour approximately a quarter-size amount on the soft cloth.

Step 4

Wipe the exterior of the stainless steel exhaust. Use small strokes, in rows. Start from the end of the exhaust and rub down toward you. Pick up the cloth and begin the next row at the end of the exhaust pipe. Repeat until the entire exhaust is complete.

Step 5

Pour a dime-size amount on the sponge brush. Dip the sponge brush in the jar of cream. With a spray, use two or three squirts inside the exhaust pipe. When spraying, hit the side instead of squirting straight in.

Step 6

Use the sponge brush to polish the inside of the exhaust. Brush each side thoroughly to complete the task.

Step 7

Wait for roughly 30 minutes for the polish to dry.

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