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How to Remove Baffles From a V-Star

by Russell Wood

The exhaust assembly in a Yamaha V-Star contains a series of baffles and small exhaust pipes that quiet down the sound of the exhaust -- but not everyone prefers a quiet bike. To make the V-star louder, you can remove the stock baffles from the exhaust, along with all the sound-deadening from the exhaust assembly. This process should take around an hour.

Position yourself at the end of the V-Star's exhaust. Insert the 1-inch hole saw into the drill. Insert the hole saw into the end cone on the exhaust, which is the exhaust tip, and drill out the end cone with the hole saw. Shine the flashlight inside the exhaust and find the first baffle plate, which is held in place by circular spot welds. Drill out those spot welds with the metal drill bits and the drill.

Remove the remainder of the first baffle with the chisel and the hammer. Remove the second baffle inside the exhaust with the 24-inch chisel, as well as the two small exhaust pipes located inside the overall exhaust assembly.

Shine the flashlight down the exhaust pipe assembly and locate the third baffle plate. Remove the third baffle inside the exhaust with the 24-inch chisel. Now all of the optional baffles are removed.


  • You may find it easier to remove the exhaust from the V-Star before working on the baffle. If so, remove the exhaust from the engine with a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket and an open-end wrench.

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