How to Take Baffles Out of a Harley Softail Exhaust

by Don Davis
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The Harley-Davidson Motor Company insists that the mufflers installed on all Softails at the plant in York, Pennsylvania should not be disassembled. Harley recommends that they be replaced as components. As an owner-operator you have four options to remedy the overly restrictive exhaust that came with your motorcycle: You can replace the entire exhaust, you can replace the mufflers, you can drill a ¾-inch hole through the baffles or you can remove the baffles. Removing the baffles increases the loudness of your exhaust, will reduce torque and may slightly increase top end horsepower. If you decide to remove the baffles here is how to achieve it.

Step 1

Chuck a 1 3/4 inch doorknob hole saw to an electric drill. The doorknob hole saw should have an integral pilot hole drill bit.

Step 2

Insert the doorknob hole saw into the rear of your front exhaust pipe and activate the drill. Apply forward pressure as you drill until you feel the baffle slip.

Step 3

Remove the doorknob hole saw from the exhaust pipe. Insert the jaws of a pair of needle-nose vise grips inside the exhaust pipe.

Step 4

Lock the needle-nose vise grip's jaws on the baffle and pull. Repeat all steps for the rear exhaust pipe.

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